Small Cameo Pendants and Rings

              The Prem Ashram Portrait 

            Counterclockwise from top left: 

    Pendant with wide border

         $250 + Gold Factor 5  

     Large Signet Ring  

         $250 + Gold Factor 10

     Pendant with narrow border (in center)

         $100 + Gold Factor 3.5 

     Seal Ring 

         $250 + Gold Factor 2          

     Pendant with narrow border in white gold 

         Same Price as yellow

     All articles shown on this page are available in white 

     or yellow or pink gold, 18K gold or platinum.  



Beloved in Maturity

Small Pendant


$100 + Gold Factor 3.5






The London 1931 Portrait Pendant 

Small Version

     Measures approximately 7/8" x 3/4"

     Rectangular Form  Oval Form (not shown

$250 + 4.4 Gold Factor







    Lord and Friend  Small Version
    Counterclockwise from top left:

    Oval Pendant

           $200 + Gold Factor 4 

     Emerald Shaped Pendant with 4-.03 ct. 


           $675 + Gold Factor 5    

     Rounded Rectangular Pendant  

       on rayon cord (any color)

           $250 + Gold Factor 5

Rings using the Small Lord and Friend Image 

are also available as in the Prem Ashram Portrait above 

(ie. Signet and Seal styles)


                 The Chase Studio Pendant

        Similar to the Lord and Friend Portrait 

    but with a garland around Meher Baba's neck.

                   $100 + 3.5 Gold Factor         

        Curb Chain on left (Yellow or White) 18"

      Cable Chain on right (Yellow or White) 18"

                     Also available as rings.



          Meher Baba 1958 Profile 

                   Small Version

               $100 + 3.5 Gold Factor 

    Shown in White, Yellow, and Pink Gold


L a r g e  P o r t r a i t  P e n d a n t s

M a s t e r y  i n  S e r v i t u d e  J e w e l r y
R e l i q u a r y  J e w e l r y
C h a r m s
L o c k e t  R i n g s

H o w  t o  O r d e r